Bechtle Azure DevOps Core Concepts – 1d Workshop

Bechtle AG

Deep dive into Azure DevOps features and key concepts with hands on labs and practical demos.

The focus of the workshop is to start by the basic understanding of the DevOps methodology and process and build up to the different features that Azure DevOps offers.
The building blocks of the workshop are going to be the Boards and the different process that could scaffolded by, The pipelines allowing an easy and quick setup of the build and release cycles.
Furthermore, We will dig into the Artifacts and the Azure Test Plans to cover the multiple facets of a daily business in the Development and Operation teams.

The workshop includes two hands on labs:
The first illustrating the integration between Azure DevOps and Jenkins while the other is more focused on building a CI-CD pipeline for Azure Kubernetes Service and integrating GitHub as a Repository provider.