Data Strategy and Modernization: 2 Week Assessment


Data maturity assessment with a roadmap to modern cloud data implementation

Get to know where you stand in the use of business data and how to address the journey towards becoming a modern data-driven company.

During our 10 day Assessment, we will help mature your current data strategy and close the gaps to embrace the digital transformation.

We will work with you to analyze your on-premise, cloud, or hybrid architecture as well as current and desired data-related tools, skills, policies, and processes. We will then be capable to reveal what it requires to take your insights to the next level in a roadmap within the company's constraints.

Being a Data-Driven Company implies not only having the right tools and architecture but also the suitable skillset and business initiatives. Our consultants will bring to the table years of experience in data analytics to help you better understand the challenges involved and the best practices.

Modernization of your current data strategies will allow you to get better insights, to the right people, with the best timing and within governance and regulatory constraints.

You will get to see a Modern Data Warehouse solution on Azure and understand why Microsoft is leading the way in digital transformation from the ground up with its data platform.

Agenda • Discovery (est. 5 days): Interviews with stakeholders and key users in technical and business departments • Brainstorming (est. 1 day): Findings presentation and strategy brainstorming. • State of the art solution Showcase and Gap Analysis (est. 2 days): Showcase of state of the art Azure Modern Data Warehouse Solution and other successful use cases. Evaluation of the revised Gap analysis. • Executive Summary & Closure (est. 1 day): Presentation with Data Strategy; In detail exhibit of the assessment including Present Data Maturity level, Use Case Review, Suggested Roadmap, Recommendations, Estimated costs of implementation, Estimated Cost of Architecture.