Azure Landing Zone

BlazeClan Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Blazeclan offer Azure landing zone aligned to Cloud Adoption Framework that follows key design principles and best practices to automatically configure, deploy and maintain workload in Azure

"Sail Smoothly into Azure: Effortless Landing Zone Setup!"

Enterprises can enhance efficiency and minimize potential challenges by automating the establishment of your Azure Landing Zone. The process of configuring and sustaining a secure and well-regulated environment often demands a substantial time commitment and a comprehensive grasp of Azure services. Blazeclan has cultivated proficiency in the Azure landing zone domain, having successfully executed numerous Azure migrations on a global scale. Our strategy is firmly rooted in Microsoft's established methodology (Cloud Adoption Framework) and our own exclusive cloud cAssure framework. This approach is designed to simplify and expedite your transition to Azure while substantially alleviating your workload, allowing you to make the most of your time and reap the advantages of a cloud-native environment. This offer is limited Azure native services and 10 subscriptions in Azure Landing zone.

Blazeclan possesses a deep knowledge of Azure Landing Zone solutions.

1. Enterprise-Scale Landing Zone:

The Azure Enterprise-Scale Landing Zone is designed for large enterprises and provides a blueprint for establishing a comprehensive Azure environment. It includes predefined configurations, policies, and resource structures to align with Azure best practices. It helps organizations implement governance, security, and resource management at scale.

2. Well-Architected Framework Landing Zone:

This landing zone is based on the Azure Well-Architected Framework. It offers guidance and templates for creating a well-architected Azure environment, emphasizing key architectural pillars such as reliability, performance efficiency, security, and cost optimization.

3. Foundation Landing Zone:

The Foundation Landing Zone provides a starting point for organizations new to Azure. It offers a simplified environment with basic governance and security controls. This landing zone is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses looking to get started on Azure.

4. Data and Analytics Landing Zone:

This landing zone is tailored for organizations focusing on data and analytics workloads. It provides templates and guidance for setting up data storage, data processing, and analytics solutions on Azure.

5. AI Landing Zone:

Designed for organizations interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, this landing zone provides guidance and templates for building AI solutions on Azure, including model training, deployment, and monitoring.

TimeLine: Week 1: Kick Off and Assessment

In this initial phase, our team will commence by setting clear expectations, outlining deliverables, establishing a timeline, and conducting a thorough evaluation of your entire IT infrastructure. This assessment will be conducted utilizing our extensive experience and an Azure native tool.

Week 2: Design

Moving on to the design phase, we will utilize the data gathered during the assessment to meticulously craft a design that aligns with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

Week 3 & 4: Implementation

Upon the approval of the design, we will proceed with the implementation of the landing zone. This will be carried out using Infrastructure as Code tools such as ARM or Terraform to ensure precision and efficiency.

Week 5: Validation,Handover and Sign off

Upon completion of the implementation, our team will perform comprehensive validation of the deployed Azure landing zone to ensure its functionality and reliability. zone. Team will document complete solution of azure landing zone and create standard operating procedure to handover and transition to customer/operations team.


  1. A well-defined architecture blueprint that outlines how resources will be organized and interconnected within Azure.
  2. Templates for Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  3. Implementation of security controls
  4. Configuration of Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  5. Network setup and configuration
  6. Establishment of monitoring and logging mechanisms
  7. Effective cost management
  8. Operational runbooks development
  9. Ensuring compliance and governance
  10. Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) measures

What makes Blazeclan the right choice?

  1. Quick deployment in weeks, not lengthy months.
  2. Completely automated, negating the need for costly consultancy and specialized resources.
  3. Adheres to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, industry best practices, and leverages years of experience.
  4. Operates through Infrastructure as Code and API-driven mechanisms, accessible through developers' preferred tools like the Terraform Provider.
  5. Delivers excellence from the very start, eliminating the need for technical debt or subsequent rework.