Optimise Azure: 4 Week Proof of Concept


Real time analysis, optimisation and automatic management of your application's resources without impacting the performance of your business services.

Blue Turtle's Optimise Azure program provides full stack visibility and automated resource management of your business services from application through to the underlying infrastructure. Have confidence that your workloads are performing optimally across your entire estate while keeping cloud bills under control. Native Azure Migrate integration ensures as-smooth-as-possible transitions when migrating from on-premise to Azure.

One of Blue Turtle's Subject Matter Experts will arrange a consultation with your organisation and understand the business objectives. Our experts will liaise with your experts to scope the environment and determine the right fit for your business.

Deliverables The Proof of Concept runs for 4 weeks to cover a month's utilisation cycle, conducted over weekly 1 hour sessions. Blue Turtle's Business Analysts will compile a Business Impact Report with findings relative to your organisation and present these results to your business.