In-Depth 2 day Assessment: DR to Azure

CBTS Technology Solutions LLC

The CBTS Disaster Recovery Assessment is a rapid analysis of your existing IT environment and critical business requirements to develop a well-defined strategic data replication and recovery.

As a Certified Gold Cloud Service Provider with Azure, CBTS consults with Mid-Large Enterprise Organizations daily regarding their disaster recovery capabilities. Specifically, we offer a Disaster Recovery Assessment* where CBTS experts gain an in-depth understanding of an organizations' recovery requirements and leverage Azure as the destination. CBTS then works to optimize the environment for optimal security and efficiencies through the following steps: • Conduct interviews and develop recovery requirements. • Build the Azure environment for secure replication and recovery • Establish your RTO/RPO requirements for mission critical applications on Azure • Compile recommendations into a detailed report, including a well-defined, strategic roadmap for data backup and restoration.

*The 2 day assessment workload will be defined and agreed upon by the client and CBTS prior to start.