Cloud Platform Check: 3-D Assessment


The Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Check is a free of charge assessment used to quickly validate your current architecture against Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) best practices.

Offer Description: CDW’s Azure Cloud Platform check is a multi-stage engagement encompassing discovery assessment, documentation and presentation of our findings.


Day 1

Our consultants will complete an in-depth review of your existing Azure environment, using a combination of industry leading tooling and customer led discovery session. The process is none invasive and requires only reader access to the tenant. Our focus during the discovery is to capture data about all artifacts and configurations present within the tenant. The discovery is a collaborative session in which we will also discuss your business objectives and strategy as it relates to cloud technologies. This will help us understand how best to align your requirements to the best practices of the Cloud Adoption Framework, as well as highlighting the high priority issues that directly impact your goals.

Day 2

A comprehensive readiness report will be produced from the data gathered. This will include: • A summary of technological findings and recommendations deemed to be most appropriate in supporting the customer’s business objectives • An evaluation of the customer’s alignment with the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework • Suggested strategies for scaling Azure technology in the customer’s environment. • A cost estimate for CDW to implement each of the recommendations on your behalf.

Day 3 An assessment review workshop will be held, in which we will present our key findings back to you. This session is an opportunity to talk through our recommendations and discuss our reasons for proposing such changes. We will also provide guidance on possible orders of precedence, how best to implement, as well potential costs involved with implementing each recommendation.

Finally, we will discuss next steps and provide information on how CDW can continue to add value in driving greater adoption of cloud technologies.