Migrate & modernize your infrastructure and workloads, advanced networking & BCDR in Microsoft Azure: Implementation 4-Weeks


Fully managed consultative and technical professional services to implement migrations and app modernization to Microsoft Azure

For any business that’s concerned with losing ground to competitors, some form of cloud computing is now a necessity. Many businesses are facing the challenge of procuring the latest enterprise-grade cloud solutions, without enterprise-level budgets. This is where Centrality’s expertise is invaluable.

Our Microsoft Azure experts combine their knowledge with our expertise in deployment and support services to offer a solution that gives you value from day one. You don’t just get the powerful capabilities and performance of Azure, you also get a trusted partner you can rely on.

This service provides consultancy and technical professional services (of varying grades and specialist skills) to provide you with end-to-end migration to and implementation of Azure within your organisation.

  1. Solution Architecture: Working with you to determine the needs of your organization against your current infrastructure, followed by the mapping of the right services within Azure - including planning the project execution.
  2. Implementation: Setup, configuration, customization, data migration and handover. All of the technical expertise to provide your entire Azure experience in a 'play and play' capacity for your team to start using.
  3. Support: Options for ongoing management, fully managed support or escalation support packages.
  4. CSP Licensing: Provision of the licensing for your Azure estate.

Our Azure practice consists of Microsoft Certified Azure Architects with many years of experience in designing, deploying, migrating, optimising and supporting Azure infrastructures. As a Cloud first and Direct CSP provider we have migrated hundreds of workloads to Azure, designing connectivity solutions, deploying virtual machines, platform services and ensuring customers maximise the power of Azure, without losing control of cost.

The true value of Azure is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our Azure experts tailor the scale and performance specifically to help your business solve major pain points and reach its growth goals. It’s also tailored to suit your budget, with a monthly subscription model that means you only pay for what you use, with no costly upfront investments.

This makes it simple to scale your solution alongside your business growth, and lessens the burden when it comes to worrying about your IT and infrastructure management; allowing you to focus on what you do best, your customers and fulfilling your growth aspirations.