Landing Zone Accelerator: 2 Week Implementation

Architech Solutions Consulting Services Inc

Empower and enable your business to scale in demanding markets - fast track and provision your infrastructure & landing zones 54% faster than traditional methods.

Looking to enable application migration, modernization, and innovation at enterprise scale in Azure?

The Landing Zone (Infrastructure) Accelerator layer defines the foundation of your cloud environment. Designed based on industry best practices and security compliance and governance requirements, it incorporates generators for subscriptions, resources, security configuration, and networking.

Featuring landing zones with SOC2 compliance, built-in governance policies, and minimum access for measurement, the Landing Zone (Infrastructure) Accelerator offers rigorous role-based control access, strict point-to-point traffic flow between environments, and improved cybersecurity with zero-trust policy enforcement.

The Enterprise Landing Zone defines the foundation of the entire cloud premise – from networking, security policies, identity, governance, shared services, and scalability. Although there is a myriad of possible complex permutations one can create a zone with, our proven enterprise experience shows that only certain designs will pass most enterprise security compliance and governance requirements.

What's included/Outcomes:

  • Unified governance for a single tenant with support for multi-organization or multi-subsidiary structures.

  • Landing zones with SOC2 compliance with governance policies built-in and minimum access for telemetry.

  • Isolation of cloud cost per environment.

  • Limited egress and ingress traffic.

  • Strict Role-Based Control Access (RBAC).

  • Strict point-to-point traffic flow between environments with interoperability between on-premises and cloud through a unique hub.

  • Improved cyber security defence with zero-trust policy enforcement to reduce blast radius.

  • Protected environment and application security certificates.

  • Scalability based on end-user demand using cloud-native services, and Kubernetes and Docker containerized microservices.

  • Support of multi-region operations with synchronized cluster management for resilient and available mission-critical workloads.

  • Full-stack telemetry with distributed tracing for problem determination and resolution.

This solution is designed as a consulting service. In terms of Azure professional services, this solution covers the following: Azure Digital Transformation, Azure Modernization, Cloud Transition Services, and Product Innovation Development Services.

Estimated length of delivery time. Price is subject to change based on the scope of engagement.