Azure Virtual Desktop/WVD Assessment: 4 Weeks


Cloud Intel’s Azure WVD Assessment helps you transit to a more modern, nimble, and secure way of working.

In a world where most applications are migrating to the cloud, your desktop environment no longer needs to be on-premises and cluttered with outdated deployment and management tools. Transitioning your desktops to the Azure cloud can liberate your business from traditional limitations while effectively addressing current and future security and compliance demands. Also, those currently relying on legacy virtualization solutions can harness the power of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) to create a functioning virtual desktop environment.

Cloud Intel's Azure Virtual Desktop/WVD Assessment is a comprehensive solution to help you strategically plan for an optimal desktop virtualization experience. This assessment is thoughtfully crafted to assess your current desktop environment and gather essential information that empowers you to leverage the potential of Azure WVD fully. By engaging in this assessment, you clearly understand how Azure WVD can enhance your capabilities, delivering the best virtualized end-user experience, substantial cost reductions, simplified management, and compliance with security and regulatory requirements.

As part of our assessment package, we offer valuable support in the form of a detailed roadmap and timeline, a financial analysis encompassing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) considerations for adopting Azure WVD, a landing zone, and a thorough security analysis to ensure your virtual desktop environment is fortified against potential threats.

Key Deliverables

• Discovery

• Assessment of the current desktop landscape

• Benefits Analysis (Azure cloud environment overview and Azure WVD benefits)

• Financial analysis associated with adopting Azure WVD (TCO/ROI)

• Roadmap and timeline

• Landing zone

• Licensing and commercial considerations

• Security analysis

• Reporting and recommendations

• Proposal for the next phases of implementing AVD

Start your Azure Virtual Desktop/WVD Assessment today with Cloud Intel and pave the way for an agile and intelligent enterprise.