Updated_CloudMoyo Paltform-Driven App Engineering

CloudMoyo Inc

Innovate with apps at litespeed. Build, migrate, and modernize apps for speed, flexibility, and agility.

Applications don't have to be large, complex platforms requiring time and resources for updates. Migrating and scaling legacy applications is risky and complicated, especially with dependencies between the app and the underlying Operational Data Store, hardware, storage, and backing services.

CloudMoyo Platform-Driven Application Engineering services solve these challenges by applying a platform and product mindset through technical skills and experience for engineering business applications. Our cloud-native apps are quick to deploy and easier to manage & upgrade.

Our capabilities: • Product engineering with end-to-end support • Cloud migration of legacy applications • Microservices-based architecture using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) • Use of modern client frameworks like Angular and ReactJS • Custom application development • Application innovation through the latest technologies and architectural design • Rich and responsive UI/UX to support multiple devices • Low code No Code application development for quicker turnaround times

Benefits of our Platform-Driven Application Engineering services: • Availability of a pre-built, ready-to-use platform • Accelerate development of delivery cycles • Ease of management with serverless computing • Proven, reliable systems • Increase speed, flexibility, and quality • Reduced deployment risks and costs

Why work with CloudMoyo? Our vision is to offer the solutions critical to enabling seamless business transformation across all enterprise functions. An engagement with CloudMoyo gives you access to: • Technology expertise in building and deploying solutions across various industries • On-demand pool of resources with domain expertise in functional and technical aspects • Product mindset and DNA • Globally distributed Center of Excellence • FastTracktoValue methodology for digital transformation to realize the value of your investment