Cloud Advisory Services - 3 weeks Assessment

Coforge Limited

Coforge Limited's Cloud Advisory Services help enterprises migrate complex and critical applications to the cloud.

Coforge Ltd's Cloud Advisory Services help enterprises envisage a strategic roadmap for migrating complex and critical applications to the cloud.


Coforge Ltd is a leading global IT solutions provider, applying deep domain expertise in BFS, insurance, and travel and transportation with digital, cloud, data and automation technologies to help clients achieve real world business impact. Our cloud advisory services help enterprises identify the need for infrastructure and application modernization, Identify the drivers of modernization like

  • Critical business events such as datacenter exist
  • Need for optimizing the IT spend
  • Need for upgradation of existing technology stack as current stack is reaching end of life

We help our clients develop an overall IT transformation strategy, which includes creating a roadmap for managing and operationalizing the estate on cloud and modernizing existing workloads, defining the need for reskilling existing workforce for being cloud ready, defining the right adaptation framework for moving to the cloud. As a whole we align business outcomes to possible frameworks and partnerships to create the right cloud adaptation plan for the customer.

Our Approach:

Coforge Ltd offers a consultative and advisory approach for the cloud paradigm. We organize client centric workshops to strategize a cloud operating model and cloud deployment tactic which are aligned with customer’s business goals & outcomes. We leverage Microsoft Azure capabilities to help clients envision and reimagine - IT with the cloud paradigm. We also help define roadmaps to the strategic transformation of processes, technologies, and capabilities.

  • Faster time to market.
  • Ability to quickly meet business needs more rapidly
  • A shift away from legacy datacenters