Identity Modernization - MANUF - 4 week assessment

Collective Insights

Identity is the new control plane - improve security and cyber resilience with a Modern Identity Assessment

"Collective Insights helps enterprises modernize their Identity Infrastructure in order to secure their digital transformation by establishing one, unified identity, and provide an easy way to centralize authentication for many types of applications and services.

By providing a single, common identity to access both cloud and on-premises resources, Collective Insights can improve the user experience, support productivity and enable advanced security capabilities. We can also assist with critical Privileged Access controls used to provide granular access privileges to Azure AD resources and other Microsoft Online services on a temporary, as-needed or on-request basis, as well as manage, control and monitor those privileges to prevent problems.

We can also configure Conditional Access which provides a risk score based on multiple criteria about the user, device, and location that is being used to sign on to determine if MFA, password reset, or limited functionality in the app is appropriate. We also can enable Azure MFA which allows you to add device-based or biometric security while giving users a simple and secure sign-in process.

When it comes to threat detection, we can help setup Azure AD Identity Protection to detect identity vulnerabilities, investigate and mitigate suspicious access, and configure automated responses to potential identity breaches. With Azure AD Identity Protection, you can protect all identities regardless of their privilege level and proactively prevent compromised identities from being abused.

Collective Insights helps Fortune 500 enterprises design and build roadmaps to implement Modern Identity Infrastructures. We focus on Business Value Driven Objectives with the intent of minimizing negative impacts of change and enhancing the speed of adoption and usage – all while significantly improving the organization’s productivity and cybersecurity resiliency."