Clinical Cloud Desktop - 4 Week - Proof of Concept

Coretek Services

A pilot deployment of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and other third-party tools demonstrates the power of desktop roaming and fast device switching for clinicians.

The clinical cloud desktop is a fast and effective cloud-delivered solution specially created for healthcare or frontline workers needing secure and quick access to critical applications on any device from any location.

This new offering leverages the agility and immense capacity of Microsoft Azure combined with Imprivata OneSign. This four-week Proof of Concept demonstrates the healthcare workflow using Microsoft Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Simple Cloud connected devices from IGel, and Badge-Tap Access to applications. For those organizations not leveraging Imprivata and Virtual Desktops for fast user switching or Desktop Roaming, this proof of concept will demonstrate the power of Imprivata OneSign and Virtual Apps and Desktops hosted in Azure using a new Microsoft offering of multi-session Windows 10/11 session hosts.

Business Outcomes

  • Providing better patient encounters and outcomes
  • Speeds clinician login times enabling faster patient encounters
  • Increases productivity of doctors, nurses, and administrative use cases

Clinical Cloud Desktop Includes

  • Deployment of Microsoft Azure (consumption not included)
  • Deploy Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) (consumption not included)
  • Integrate or deploy Imprivata OneSign Enterprise SSO & Authentication Management (trial included or sold separately)
  • Imprivata Hardware Authentication Badge Readers (trial or sold separately)
  • IGEL Next Generation OS for Cloud Desktop Connectivity (trial or sold separately)
  • Integration of third-party brokers if required
*Azure consumption is not included, and products required as trials or sold separately.
*AVD is a Microsoft native, globally available service connecting users to Virtual Desktops located in Azure, Coretek will integrate with third-party brokers such as Citrix, VMware, and Nerdio if required.
*Proof of Concept (POC) is meant for quick prove out and not intended for full-scale production deployment.
*The POC can be architected as a production pilot for additional scope and cost.