Modern Workplace Maturity Assessment : 5 Days


Our consultants guide you through our proprietary program to develop and implement a modern workplace strategy, accelerating your transition to a productive, modern workplace using Microsoft EM+S.

The Modern Workplace Maturity Assessment is a focused and rapid analysis of your current modern workplace status and future readiness. We combine our extensive experience in modern workplace strategy with deep expertise in Microsoft’s modern workplace technology, to identify business drivers, opportunities and risks.

Bringing together business and IT leaders, we combine a strategic review of 10 key business areas with a technology review of your existing Microsoft on-premise or cloud infrastructure. This holistic approach ensures organisations can drive better business outcomes from modern workplace initiatives.

The engagement includes pre-workshop requirements gathering, a key stakeholder workshop, an audit of existing Microsoft entitlements, a review of your existing technology configuration and a gap analysis of current vs desired state.

Our documented report includes detailed recommendations on which objectives can be achieved using existing entitlements and which objectives require additional capability.

Our recommendations enable you to maximise the benefits from your existing capability and identify areas for future technology investment. Our report provides an ideal foundation on which to base any future solution design and investment business case.

Our Modern Workplace Maturity Assessment helps clients to align their modern workplace strategy to business outcomes, maximise return on investment in existing technology and fast-track the business benefits associated with the delivery of digital transformation projects.