Azure Maturity Assessment: 5 day Azure Review

Dootrix Ltd

This assessment is the first step in a comprehensive analysis of an organisation's current use and management of their Azure estate.

Cloud projects fail because they focus solely on technical issues, disregarding other essential aspects such as governance, security and business change management. Our cloud architects analyse and understand your business needs and processes to provide your cloud maturity level and suggest next steps for optimising your cloud practices and migration.

Our Azure Maturity Assessment will provide:

  • Clarity on the cloud adoption strategy for your business with a tailored vision.
  • A Cloud Governance review. A tailored approach for your organisation to reduce the risks associated with public cloud.
  • A detailed report on how to optimise your cloud costs and maximising the return on your cloud investments.
  • Advise on a range of topics, including subscription management, identity management, security, supplier management, operational intelligence, and support models.
  • Guide the adoption of DevOps, provide best practice templates and patterns, automate processes, and establish technical architectural governance.

Why choose the Azure Maturity Assessment? Many organisations have a cloud governance problem; A lack of well defined standards or processes. Multiple suppliers or internal teams with no shared understanding or guidelines. A poor understanding of cloud costs, security best practices and release management, and a minimal awareness of the cloud adoption framework or how to implement Microsoft guidelines in a way that works for them.

By taking a best practice approach to cloud adoption organisations can:

  • Ensure governance, security and compliance
  • Standardise software development strategy and processes
  • Ensure consistency across teams and suppliers
  • Create access to architectural guidance and validation
  • Identify roles and responsibilities for operational excellence
  • Achieve ITSec compliant adoption of cloud technology e.g citizen development/power platform
  • Define clear application lifecycle management and/or platform strategy
  • Manage cloud software development and deployment at scale with Azure DevOps
  • Implement and stay on top of evolving Microsoft Guidelines e.g Cloud Adoption Framework/Enterprise Scale/Landing Zones