NIS2-Toolkit: Road to Compliance in 6 Months


Comprehensive solution combining Azure Cloud Migration, NIS2-compliant best practices, and documentation on how to build NIS2-compliance with "people, process, technology".

DTX and Bluebird & Hawk have formed a partnership and developed the NIS2 toolkit. This toolkit aims to help IT service providers and consultants in information security to provide their clients with all the 'tools' they need to become NIS2 compliant. The toolkit is fully focused on the Microsoft Tech-stack.

What Does the Solution Look Like? The toolkit consists of detailed process descriptions, guidelines for implementation, and compliance policies to assist companies in meeting the NIS2 directive. Additionally, the toolkit includes IT templates and best practices in safe working (Conditional Access, Microsoft Purview), IT infrastructure landing zones and scripts (Azure Cloud Adoption Framework), identity management (Privileged Identity Management and Defender for Identity), and endpoint protection (Microsoft Intune high secure modern workplace implementation combined with Defender for Endpoint), which can be automatically rolled out. Finally, the complete Entra ID environment is configured in a secure manner according to NIS2 guidelines.

The combination of policy and process guidelines + IT best practices and templates makes this toolkit unique. It ensures that organizations and companies have all the 'people, process, and technology' tools they need to become NIS2 compliant on their own, while also implementing a secure foundation for the future.

What Problem Are We Solving? IT service providers and consultants in the field of information security often lack the knowledge and tools to implement both policy and process guidelines as well as IT infrastructure for their clients. IT partners focus on IT, consultants focus on policy and processes. Moreover, many parties offer just a checklist instead of also providing the policies and process guidelines and IT templates for implementation. We enable other Microsoft Partners lacking this expertise to assist their clients and at the same time ensure that all Microsoft 365 E5 licenses are fully utilized. Additionally, we lay down a stable foundation in Azure so that Microsoft Partners can independently migrate their clients' systems to Azure and become NIS2 compliant in this way.

The toolkit is suitable for all industries and companies that need to comply with NIS2.

Our Story The NIS2 toolkit from DTX and Bluebird & Hawk is designed to help IT service providers and consultants in information security to provide their clients with all the 'tools' they need to become NIS2 compliant.

We have utilized our joint expertise in policy, process guidelines, and IT to develop this toolkit, thus enabling partners to provide their clients with all the tools necessary to become NIS2 compliant and at the same time implement a secure foundation for the future.

With one toolkit ready for NIS2. There is no other partner that offers this complete package. We are the benchmark in this field!

Our toolkit ensures that you not only know what to do but also provides you with everything you need to actually do it to become NIS2 compliant as quickly as possible. From implementing policies and processes to modernizing and securing digital workplaces and IT infrastructure.