Windows 365 Enterprise: 7-Day Implementation


Experience the benefits of Microsoft 365 in productivity, security, and collaboration with ECF Data’s quick implementation services of Windows 365 Enterprise.

Your Windows 10 and 11 experience can now be accessed from any Windows, Android, and iOS device.

Taking inspiration for the Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft also simplifies the experience for Windows 365. With the Windows 365 Cloud PC (or Windows 365 Enterprise), you are allowed to control details in an easy and intuitive way and securely stream your Windows from the Microsoft cloud to a Cloud PC.

ECF Data offers a quick implementation to help you up and running in using your Windows 365 Cloud PC. As it is based in Azure, it delivers the following benefits:

-Windows 365 Enterprise is simple. : The best thing about a cloud PC is that it is easy to manage. Users can work in the same way the previous session was left. There’s no need for previous virtualization experience.

-It is scalable and flexible. : Users can virtualize their sessions on servers and configure the CPU, RAM, and size of their PC in the cloud depending on their needs. It is extremely helpful for the IT Team and users as they can expand or reduce their storage and processing capacity.

-It is secure. Keep your mind at peace. Microsoft injects maximum security as it is supported by the Zero Trust principle.

Customer Requirements:

-Existing Azure subscription

-Windows Pro endpoints like Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and EMS E3 or Microsoft 365 F3/E3/E5/BP

-Customer AD in sync with Azure AF to provide hybrid identity in Azure