Azure Sentinel 4-hour workshop


4-hour Azure Sentinel workshop - giving insights into user logins in your systems.
# Azure Sentinel workshop ## Get insight into all logins * Azure Sentinel gives insight into where, when and by whom your systems have been accessed and handling incidents related to possible breaches * With our Azure Sentinel workshop, in just 4 hours you will have a functional solution running – gathering telemetry from Active Directory, Azure Active Directory and Office 365. #### The amount of phishing attempts, brute-force attacks and similar against users and systems are rising. * Especially now when many users are working from home using Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, VPN and a variety of filesharing services – This heightens the demands for IT-security. #### Azure Sentinel is built on Azure Monitor Log Analytics - an Azure service that collect and analyze telemetry from a variety of sources - both on-premise and cloud. * With Azure Sentinel you have a solution on top of Log Analytics for Detecting, Investigating and Responding to threats against your users and systems.