AVD Manufacturing : 0.5 day Discovery Workshop


An interactive half-day workshop designed to help you understand and plan for a successful Azure Virtual Desktop deployment specifically for manufacturing companies

Take the first step to a robust, cost optimized and secure AVD environment by taking Ensono's interactive half day workshop. This workshop has been designed to help Manufacturing companies understand the fundamentals of Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop )and how it can be leveraged in your organization to meet your specific challenges faced by manufacturing companies.

Microsoft AVD is a robust, cost-effective and secure VDI platform designed for seamless integration with Office 365 whilst providing a class-leading end-user experience. Draw upon Ensono's decades of experience with Desktop operating systems and Virtualized Platforms to understand the art of the possible, plan for your implementation, and understand how to operate the platform going forward.

Workshop Topics:

Business Requirements and use-case analysis

  • Discuss business requirements and/or the challenges AVD can help solve
  • Discuss specific use cases, who will use the platform and from where will they access it etc.
  • Discuss user personas and how this will influence the design

Infrastructure Requirements

  • Explore architectural options for the platform
  • Discuss sizing of the supporting infrastructure

Application Portfolio

  • Discuss what applications and services are to be presented via the platform
  • Discuss access and integration options

Cost Optimization

  • Discuss licensing options
  • Discuss the options around auto-scaling


  • A clear roadmap documented with next steps for the deployment of AVD into the clients environment
  • A Total Cost of Ownership for the proposed solution based on the operating model and criteria defined during the workshop


  • Workshop summary, TCO and Next Steps document


  • 10 minutes - Introductions
  • 60 minutes - Discovery and Requirements
  • 90 minutes - Technical Workshop (to discuss workshop topics listed above)
  • 80 minutes - Planning discussion
  • 55 minutes - Next Steps
  • Close