Eviden Generative AI Consulting Offer

Eviden-SAS France

Eviden offers a 4-week engagement to identify potential Generative AI applications and design a practical strategic roadmap for Microsoft Generative AI implementation.

Eviden offers Microsoft Generative AI consulting services tailored to your industry to help bridge ideas and implementation, including use case exploration and robust cybersecurity solutions. We utilize an 'Advise-Build-Run' approach, including use case evaluation, risk assessment, and ROI calculation.

Free Workshop: A free 2-4 hour workshop to evaluate your Gen AI use cases and discuss potential Microsoft Gen AI applications and Copilots for your industry.

Use Case Thinking:  Discover the potential of General AI for your business with our 2-4 week 'Use Case Thinking' workshops. Gain insights into prioritizing AI use cases, establishing your AI Center of Excellence, and understanding their feasibility and ROI. Conclude with a detailed executive report, empowering informed decisions for your AI strategy and identifying the suitable Gen AI pilots for your organization.

Azure OpenAI: Azure OpenAI Service offers powerful generative AI capabilities to help businesses improve efficiency, drive innovation, and make data-driven decisions.

Benefits: The benefits of the workshop include a clear understanding of Microsoft Gen AI's potential for your business, an evaluation of use cases, and an actionable Gen AI roadmap.

Customer Success: A major US Insurance Broker firm leveraged Eviden’s Gen AI Consulting offering and went through Eviden’s innovative Use Case Thinking process, identifying 24 POC Cases. Eviden has implemented 4 of these use cases and is actively collaborating with the client to transition these successful pilots into full-scale production, demonstrating our dedication to bringing AI strategies to life.