JDE on Azure Migration Planning: 1-Day Briefing

Fusion5 Limited

JDE on Azure enables JD Edwards customers to digitally transform, minimise the risks inherent in ageing hardware, and benefit from reduced costs, improved security, reliability, and performance.

Fusion5 has provided our customers with end-to-end IT platform support services since 2005, and successfully completed our first cloud migration from on-premises to Azure in 2014. Since then, we’ve executed numerous Azure migrations and provide Azure platform support for organisations across ANZ, delivering benefits such as reduced costs, improved security, reliability, and performance.

Leveraging our expertise and Microsoft best practice frameworks and principles, our solution streamlines the migration process. It makes success repeatable and assured for JDE customers who are ready to transform their businesses by adopting Azure.

Why JDE?

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has been deployed as an on-prem solution globally since the 90s. But as JDE users develop DX strategies designed to cement their futures and minimise the risks inherent in ageing hardware, moving to the cloud is non-negotiable.

While JDE customers will consider all cloud offerings, our significant partnership with Microsoft prompted us to develop a migration solution to ease their path to Azure adoption. To add further value, we include typical JDE maintenance activity in the transition.

Our solution

JDE on Azure is our unique framework for successful migrations from JDE on-prem to Azure, backed by Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework. It provides the tools and guidance to ensure customers achieve the desired business outcomes from cloud adoption faster, with less risk. Based on best practice and successful customer delivery and experiences, the framework is updated regularly.

JDE on Azure capitalises on Azure’s significant hosting capabilities and highlights the benefits of the Azure SQL Managed Instance to offer an appealing IaaS/PaaS combination. This, along with Availability Zones, Compute Flexibility, Azure AD (integrated with our JDE SSO solution), Microsoft 365, Security and the Power Platform, makes it a compelling future-enterprise proposition.

Tools include migration solutions like Azure Migrate and UnifyCloud to enable us to discover, assess, right-size and migrate our JDE clients from on-prem or Public Cloud platforms to Azure. We’ve developed best practice infrastructure build utilising Terraform/IaC to quickly deploy JDE services within an CIS aligned framework, enabling fast deployment and repeatability.

JDE on Azure aligns to the cloud adoption lifecycle: Strategy, Plan, Ready, Migrate, Innovate, Govern, Manage and Optimise.

We provide extensive JDE capabilities for uptime, scalability and flexibility including advanced features specifically on Azure such as:

• JDE Combo Box: A JDE server which hosts multiple JDE web roles. • Blue/Green Deployment: Takes an image of 1 of 2 staging Combo Boxes (designated Blue/Green). Existing VMs are systematically replaced with the updated image, allowing for downtime-free JDE maintenance and patches. • High Availability/Connection Draining: HA Proxy provides load balancing services and aids the Blue/Green upgrade of existing Combo Boxes. Once the user count is at zero, the older Combo Box version is disabled.

Why Fusion5?

We’ve worked with leading JDE customers in ANZ for 20+ years and hold numerous JDE certifications. JDE on Azure leverages our Advanced Specialization in Windows and SQL Server migrations as well as the Microsoft Azure Migration and Modernization Program. Our JDE application and system knowledge enables us to successfully transition on-prem customers from platforms like AS400/DB2 and Linux/Oracle to Windows/SQL on Azure.

Our extensive support and Managed Services capability completes the solution. Our platform support services for enterprise applications and infrastructure include managing 1000s of endpoints across Windows/Linux OS, SQL and Oracle DB, network, and security. Our skills across multiple technologies allow us to deliver backend support for key business solutions and infrastructure (IaaS/PaaS) running on Azure, backed by our InfoSec ISO 27001 framework, 24x7 NOC, and a Microsoft-backed SOC.

We’re also part of Microsoft Australia’s Top Gun Partner Program for high-performing Azure partners. Our transitioning customers are secure in the knowledge that they’re backed by an Advanced Specialized, Microsoft Gold, ISO 27001 Certified Support Partner operating on Azure with 50+ Azure certified experts across ANZ.

What does the briefing include?

• Brief introduction to Fusion5 • Why choose Azure for JD Edwards • Review your existing JD Edwards config • Discuss your current goals and cloud journey • Showcase relevant JD Edwards on Azure case studies