AI on Azure: 4-hours workshop

Futurice Oy

Overview of AI solutions, inspiring client cases and hands-on labs

This workshop is designed to inspire your team and give a solid overview of AI solutions available today on Azure. The workshop participation model is depending on COVID-19 governmental guidelines for events and virtual by default through Microsoft Teams.

The agenda and difficulty level of hands-on labs and technical content is depending on attending audience. It can be adopted to the following target audiences: Business Decision Makers, Technical Decision Makers, CIO/CMO, Data Scientists, Developers. Recommended number of participants: up to 10.

During this workshop, audience will: Understand the value that Azure AI can bring to your business; see Azure AI in action with a live demonstration; deep dive into three core Azure AI topics.

Here’s what you can expect: Azure AI Introduction: Powering new possibilities for every organisation; Demo: Azure AI; Azure AI Deep-Dive: Azure Synapse + Machine Learning; knowledge mining; and cognitive services and bots; Whiteboarding exercise: Industry Scenario; Hands-on lab: Azure AI; Next steps and how to get started.