Road to Azure with Kubernetes 8-hour workshop

GFT Poland

GFT supports setting up Azure Kubernetes Service as a strategic application platform for cloud containerized workloads.

Kubernetes is an industry-standard solution of running container workloads in the cloud. Azure Kubernetes Service provides a managed solution to run Kubernetes, however, it requires several strategic decisions to be made depending on the scale and the number of workloads as well as data protection principles.


We offer running 8-hours of online workshops across 4 to 5 days with our cloud solution architects in order to:
  • Understand the goals of using Kubernetes for workflows deployment in your organization
  • Identify core architecture decision drivers for container workloads
  • Identify the resiliency, security and data protection principles


GFT provides advice and execution to help you with the next steps:

Build a secure, automated Azure Kubernetes Service deployment that will fit the company needs, following the best industry-standard practices in terms of:

  • Networking approach and traffic routing
  • Security policies and role-based access control
  • Deployment patterns
  • The use of Ingress, API gateway or Service Mesh
  • Use infrastructure-as-code approach for systems maintainability
  • Introduce DevOps procedures for fast and safe deployments to Kubernetes
  • Go through the cloud production readiness flow
  • Run the solution in production


  • Support of experts that have years of experience with multitude of clients from but not limited to financial sector
  • Experienced in Agile and DevOps transformations in large organizations
  • GFT offers development capability to support the execution of the project
  • GFT will hand-over the project to the company
  • GFT has cloud production readiness assessments
  • GFT is a cloud agnostic partner, delivering optimal client solutions by leveraging our strategic cloud partnerships.