Cloud Governance: 8-week Assessment

Gofore Oyj

Gofore is an established and diverse IT consultancy with top experts in creating cloud governance models for the Azure cloud platform. We'll transform your business using modern technology solutions.

Gofore has been helping clients in building successful cloud governance practices, designing new organizational structures and data governance classifications for Azure cloud environments. We can offer a wholesome approach and solution to your needs based on our lengthy experience with leadership and organizational development, cloud governance, DevOps methodology and project and product management.

If you are seeking an end-to-end partner to help you transform your business and organization with the needed best practices, governance principles and frameworks, we can offer an experienced and diverse group of experts with advanced skills and experience in all areas of the cloud.

Our way of working

  • Identifying your organizations specific needs regarding governance
  • Cost analysis and best practices for cost optimization regarding cloud services
  • Use of agile methodologies for project management and cloud production environments
  • Cloud governance practices including DevOps methodology

Cloud governance

  • Identifying business goals and changes in the operating environment
  • Close examination of the skills of the staff and help to develop them in the cloud age
  • Defining business justification and expected outcomes
  • Examining the current state of IT service production and identifying the potential for cloud transition
  • Roadmapping the steps forward while building your own set of skills at the same time

We are skilled in Microsoft Azure products and services (eg Azure DevOps, Data Lake etc) and can help you find the most suitable MS tools to create the most effective cloud governance for your business.