HCLTech Services for High Performance Computing (HPC) on Azure: "6-10 Months Implementation"

HCL Technologies Limited.

Accelerate scientific and engineering workloads with HCLTech's HPC solutions on Microsoft Azure

HCLTech, offers a range of services and solutions for HPC on Azure and covers the entire lifecycle of HPC projects, from assessment and planning to migration and optimization. HCLTech helps customers evaluate their current HPC environment and identify the best Azure solutions for the workloads, provides guidance on HPC architecture, design, and cost optimization and, optimizes their HPC performance, scalability, and reliability on Azure, using advanced techniques and technologies.

HCLTech's portfolio of services with a dedicated HPC Practice for Azure that helps customers in:

  1. Consult Discover • Customer use case(s) • HPC landscape (if existing) • Capacity requirement • Discover Workload types

    Assess/Analyze • Analyze total capacity required • Analyze talent requirements • Assess readiness for Azure • Assess performance requirements • Design Solution • Assist customer in POC & benchmarking software stack in Lab • Assess Implementation services requirements

  2. Build & Extend

    Formulate • Azure HPC Solution Design • Deployment Model Finalization • Automation

    Build • Implement on selected deployment model • Build Middleware stack • Configuration of Clusters and management services • Implement Automation • Validate implementation • Post deployment Benchmarking • Deployment/Migration of workload

  3. Operate

    Monitoring & Manage • Management of Azure HPC Environment • Monitor Infrastructure for anomalies • Option of Dedicated and Shared support services • Managing day to day tasks • Azure HPC landscape optimization • Designing and generating performance/Utilization reports. • Adopting and implementing Best Practices

Benefits of HCLtech services & Azure HPC:

By choosing HCLTech's services and solutions for HPC on Azure, customers can get the following benefits:

• Accelerate HPC workloads: Customers can achieve faster results and higher productivity for their HPC workloads, by leveraging 
   Azure's scalable and reliable infrastructure and HCLTech's optimization and management expertise. 

• Simplify HPC migration and deployment: Customers can migrate and deploy their HPC workloads on Azure with ease, by using 
  HCLTech's proven methodologies and tools and HCLTech's ready-to-use solutions.

• Reduce HPC costs: Customers can lower their HPC costs, by using Azure's pay-as-you-go and reserved pricing models and HCLTech's 
  cost optimization and governance solutions.

• Enhance HPC flexibility: Customers can access a wide range of HPC options and features on Azure, such as different cluster and VM 
  types, specialized hardware and software services, and hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities. Customers can also customize their HPC 
  environment according to their specific needs, using HCLTech's solutions and tools. 

• Domain expertise: HCLTech large-scale integration center of excellence (CoE) brings tested use cases and reference architectures for  
   Azure HPC Deployment

HCLTech's services and solutions for HPC on Azure enable customers to harness the power and flexibility of Azure cloud for their HPC needs. Whether customers are looking for HPC assessment and planning, migration and deployment, optimization and management, or ready-to-use solutions, HCLTech can help them achieve their HPC goals on Azure.