ESGIMPACT - 4 Week Implementation

Decision Inc.

ESGIMPACT is a integrated ESG Operating System, bring all elements of ESG Regulation, Compliance, Data Integration, Reporting and Analytics into a single platform


Introducing ESGIMPACT, an Azure cloud service operating system for ESG Reporting, Compliance and Governance. ESGIMPACT empowers organisations to collect, analyse, and comply with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements across multiple markets and multiple standards. With 7 Global Standards incorporated into the platform ESGIMPACT accelerates the time to deliver impact through ESG as well as provides a structured, governed operational model to ensure consistency and auditability. The platform seamlessly integrates real-time reporting, workflow management, planning, and analytics into a single ESG cloud platform built in Azure. It addresses the imperative for transparency and accountability in an increasingly sustainability-focused global landscape.

Platform Features:

• The platform integrates key global frameworks such as IFRS S1/S2, ESRS, TCFD, GRI and GHG Protocol. Providing the templates for global compliance as well as data capture requirements

• The platform's 360 analytics feature includes 40 prebuilt interactive dashboards for comprehensive tracking of ESG information as well as the ability to customize dashboards in Power BI, all within a unified system

• ESGDATALAKE provides a central cloud Data Lake for all ESG data in a single unified platform for reporting and scoring purposes. The platform ensures easy extraction and integration, offering auditors and ESG rating agencies the requisite information.

• With over 20 prebuilt data connectors ESGIMPACT provides seamless integration with core data systems. Furthe custom connectors and alternative methods of connecting to external APIs enhance data connectivity as well as automated template uploads facilitate data population through Excel uploads and manual data capture within the system.

• Auditable workflow managers track submission progress, providing detailed user management for traceability and accountability in data submission from an audit and assurance perspective. Security access to ESG pillars and sub-components is customisable, ensuring access to sensitive data is controlled. Auditable workflows outline the key steps and processes for implementing an ESG solution, ensuring data compliance.

Implementation Service:

Our Implementation Services approach accelerates the implementation of the platform, leveraging your current Azure infrastructure through a structured work program to identify target reporting requirements, map source-to-target data, and configuring all necessary settings during implementation. Detailed end user training is provided as well as administration training for post go live support.

Designed to facilitate the navigation of sustainability reporting complexities and achieve ESG excellence, the platform streamlines compliance and offers actionable insights at your fingertips.