Azure Governance Assessment - 1 Day


1 Day Governance Assessment to review and provide recommendations to improve your Azure governance level

Cloud governance isn't a set and forget concept - Azure keeps evolving and internal teams are constantly finding new ways to leverage Azure to improve their business areas, IT teams can struggle to keep on top of the cost management, security and support required.

Inde offers an ongoing governance service to provide expert advice, planning and support to IT teams to maintain their critical cloud platforms. As part of our service, Inde provides regular assessments to quickly highlight important gaps in your governance landscape. This 1-day assessment will provide a simple report to understand key gaps in your Azure environment relating to management, cost, optimization, and security.

Inde’s 1 day Azure Governance Assessment has been designed with the following outcomes and benefits in mind:

  • Highlight key governance gaps - Identify missing policies, tags, security configurations and overall subscription health.
  • Reduce Costs - Detection of unused entities, improper sizing of resources, missing cost management policies.
  • Opportunities to improve - Identify deployed solutions that may not have evolved with Azure improvements.

At the heart of any service, is people. Inde's specialists will offer you the following additional value:
  • Real word experience dealing with large and complex Azure environments
  • Ability to re-use and re-run on a regular basis to help keep governance in check
  • A 'work-with' team who will support your existing IT team providing them expert advice and guidance