Azure Secure Networking Workshop

Inetum-Realdolmen - Apps & Infra

During this 4-days workshop you will learn how to better protect your cloud workloads from network-based cyberattacks with Azure Secure Networking services.

As organizations move workloads to the public cloud, they must pay special attention to protecting their assets from unauthorized access. It is critical to understand the shared responsibility model and what security tasks are handled by the cloud provider and what tasks need to be handled by you or your partner.

The cloud offers significant advantages for solving long-standing information security challenges. In an on-premises environment, organizations are likely to have unmet responsibilities and limited resources available to invest in security, creating an environment where attackers can exploit vulnerabilities at all layers. In the cloud-based approach, security is a shared responsibility: you can shift day-to-day security responsibilities to your cloud provider and reallocate your resources. You can leverage cloud-based security capabilities for greater effectiveness and use cloud intelligence to improve your threat detection and response time.

During this Azure Secure Networking Workshop, our experienced consultants will inform and inspire you about the advanced networking security capabilities in Azure and zoom in on those features that bring value for your environment.

Amongst others, we will cover the following:

• Overview of the Azure Secure Networking services such as Azure Firewall, Azure DDoS Protection, Azure Web Application Firewall, Azure Bastion, Azure Front Door, Azure Network Watcher and Azure Firewall Manager.

• Understand the risk and potential exposure of a conceptual network design and how to use Azure services and tools for network security improvement

• Network architecture best practices

The schedule for the engagement is as follows:

  1. Day 1 (4h): Kickoff workshop: We start this engagement by better understanding your security requirements. We select a critical workload that will be assessed and agree on the exact scope and expectations of the engagement.

  2. Day 2 (8h): Secure Networking services overview: we continue our engagement by discussing and explaining the capabilities and value of Azure Secure Networking services. Together we evaluate the value they can bring for your specific situation and requirements.

  3. Day 3 (8h): Network Architecture Review: We assess the network architecture of the cloud workload that was selected during the kick-off workshop. We will uncover the security risks on the network level and discuss how and which Azure Secure Networking services are valuable for this particular workload.

  4. Day 4 (4h): Closing workshop: We will summarize our finding of the review and our suggestions for bringing the network security to the next level. We will have a look at the pricing model of the selected services.