BuildUp with Azure-Assessment & Propositions 5days


Assessment to optimize the IT architecture, highlighting Microsoft Azure adoption benefits

Indacon offers a 5 days of remote assessment and propositions to build up or integrate the customer solutions in Microsoft Azure Platform and provide a cost-effective roadmap.

Our team of highly experienced Azure Consultants conduct the analysis of the IT infrastructure environment to shape up the 360° Prospects. We evaluate the resources to help adopt a Microsoft Azure solutions. The Assessment Report is detailed and highly actionable, providing you immediate cost, performance and security benefits.

Our key Solution Features: -- Identify project goals, main stakeholders, time, and budget constrains -- Identify how to can migrate or optimize environments with adoptions of Azure solution -- Help you to understand a benefit and cost of Azure Platform -- Define a roadmap to increase a your security environment

Scope: Help customers understand how Microsoft Cloud Solution can evolve their existing environment or solution, create a new architecture (hybrid or pure cloud) to increase: redundancy, resilience, expandability all with increased security through a cost / benefit roadmap.