Serverless CQRS on Azure: 2-Day Workshop


Intellias helps clients accelerate time to market for complex microservice solutions with the industry’s first cloud-native serverless technology for building event-driven microservices on Azure.

During the workshop, we will go over the best practices for microservices application development and deployment, as well as showcase how our open source CQRS framework can be leveraged to help you build cloud-native architectures quickly, effectively, and on budget.

What you get:

  • Share best practices based on the Intellias experience
  • Discuss CQRS Architecture approaches for cloud-native applications
  • Align solution architecture with your business needs
  • Apply open-source Intellias CQRS Framework on Azure to create the high-level solution architecture tailored to your specific requirements


Day 1

  • CQRS vs CQS patterns
  • Event Sourcing integration
  • Materialized views and query storage design
  • Data sharding and partitioning

Day 2

  • Event choreography with CQRS
  • Azure cloud-native services for building CQRS-enabled platforms
  • Best practices for deployments with Azure DevOps
  • State of the art monitoring with Application Insights
  • Intellias CQRS Framework overview