Are you ready for the cloud? - 1 week assessment


Are you thinking whether you should move to the cloud? You are doubting its capabilities?

More and more companies are moving to Azure. The benefits why they do it are many, some of them are the following: application management, flexibility, agility, compliance, storage etc.

The goal of our assessment is to help you understand why it is important to move to the cloud, the efforts that you need to do in order to move to the cloud and the benefits that you will get.

Let's ease your journey to the cloud.

This is how the assessment process will go:

  • First: Your input regarding your company's services (make/sell/offer)
  • Second: What technology stack you are using and what processes are used?
  • Third: Discuss about the adoption challenge by your people and processes.
  • Fourth: Discuss best practices regarding automation or Hybrid Cloud approach
  • Fifth: Recommendations on all security and governance issues

After the assessment, you will get:

  1. Recommendations regarding Azure cloud
  2. The steps for its implementation and what after it?
  3. Implementation Options
  4. Logical Phases
  5. High-Level Estimates

This assessment will provide you with enough knowledge about what you need to do to get to Azure Cloud, as well as options about doing that.

About ⋮IWConnect:

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