Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Workshop 1 day

Invenate GmbH

We enable the Hybrid Workspace by accessing your desktop and applications from anywhere!

In a highly connected world where your employees are often on the move and need flexibility in their workflows, accessing local corporate data, and especially carrying it on a notebook, is a major security concern. "Access your desktop and applications from anywhere", is the short and concise summary for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). AVD is ready to use in minutes and enables secure remote working in the familiar Windows 10 environment. System administrators can quickly provision and manage desktops, apps, and Windows servers in Azure. This saves costs and allows existing licenses to be reused. Complete management and deployment of AVD can be done through the Azure portal. With AVD, your organization can seamlessly scale your virtualization needs while benefiting from Azure's rich security features. Replace your existing VDI environment and make your IT specialists' job easier. So they can focus on the important issues in your business. With AVD, your data doesn't leave the corporate network, but is still conveniently accessible in an environment your employees are familiar with.

In a workshop, we work with you to develop a concept that will enable your IT to successfully implement AVD in your company. We analyze the current state and calculate the costs for the implementation and design, together with your IT, the landing zone.

Invenate 1 Day AVD Package:

  • Kick-Off Workshop
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Basics
  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure
  • Design of a landing zone
  • Cost calculation in the Azure price calculator

Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement!