Application Reliability 1-Week Workshop

KiZAN Technologies

KiZAN’s Application Reliability Engineering 1-Week Workshop will help you achieve the appropriate level of reliability for cloud-based application systems.

During the Application Reliability Engineering -1 Week Workshop, KiZAN will help you reduce application outages and maximize the reliability of applications running on Azure. KiZAN will identify current perceived challenges, review the current architecture, and review the current monitoring outputs of the application you intend to host on Azure. We will also conduct rigorous stress testing and simulated failures to identify weak points and practice responses to application failures to create a list of required enhancements.

Once implemented, the enhancements identified during the workshop will maximize Azure’s value to your organization by improving your application’s availability, scalability, elasticity, agility, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery.

Weekly Agenda:

  • Day 1: Identify current perceived challenges
  • Day 2: Review the current architecture
  • Day 3: Review the current monitoring outputs.
  • Day 4-5: Stress testing and simulated failures


  • Your organization will have a defined path forward to reduce application outages
  • A detailed list of application enhancements will be documented
  • Appropriate levels of monitoring and alerting will be identified (utilizing resources such as Azure Monitor and Azure Health Service)
  • An effective disaster recovery plan for the application will be detailed


  • Reliability analysis workshop
  • Application enhancement documentation
  • Next step recommendations

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(Azure product recommendations may include: Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, App Service Functions, Azure Container Instances (ACI) and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Virtual Network, Load Balancer, VPN Gateway, Application Gateway, Content Delivery Network, Blob Storage, Disk Storage, File Storage, Archive Storage, Cosmos DB, Azure SQL and more.)