Rapid Assessment: Cloud Cost Optimization: 2-wk Assessment

Kyndryl Inc.

Kyndryl can help you derive maximum business value by helping engineering, finance and business teams with cloud cost optimization insights, recommendations and roadmaps.

As a leader (business, IT, finance or transformational), are you struggling with:

  • Cost reduction vs cost optimization?
  • Overspending & lack of insights?
  • No visibility on technology spends vs business value?
  • Accurate forecasting of technology spend?

If so, Kyndryl Consult has the right accelerator to jumpstart your cloud cost optimization initiative. Our Accelerator (rapid assessment) addresses the biggest FinOps pain point: Cost Optimization

The Cloud Cost Optimization Rapid Assessment that provides you insights to your Microsoft Azure spend tracked and reported by business process or application, helps you identify areas of waste/overspending/cost saving potential and provides you recommendations and roadmap for cost optimization.

During this Rapid Assessment, Kyndryl will assess 1 application (1 environment up to 10 workloads) currently running on Microsoft Azure.

This assessment will evaluate your usage of cloud resources for the associated business process, and how the cost management is being performed; to drive recommendations for cost saving actions that can be achieved without impacting performance or functionality. This may involve reviewing your usage of cloud resources for the associated business process, and identifying areas where resources are being overprovisioned or underutilized.

The assessment is a 60-hour engagement which contains the following stages:

  • Kick-off and Understanding
  • Discovery and Analysis
  • Cost Optimization Recommendations

The assessment will evaluate the following aspects of the customer:

  • Assess the maturity of customer documentation
  • Validate the tagging strategy and compliance to tagging strategy
  • Validate naming convention exists and assess compliance to naming standards
  • Assess compliance to Microsoft Azure subscription/account hierarchy guidelines
  • Assess cloud native alternatives to 3rd party services
  • Assessment of Infrastructure services to identify optimization opportunities
  • Assessment of cost and usage data, overprovisioning of resources, unallocated Ips, VM tagging, configuration of reservations using the Cloud native services
  • Assess auto-scaling is enabled with correct right sizing
  • Assessment of PaaS/Serverless services
  • Assessment of appropriate license plans for production vs non-production services
  • Data transfer optimization

After the assessment, Kyndryl will develop Cost Optimization roadmap by prioritizing the initiatives identified and deliver the Azure Cloud Cost optimization Assessment Report which will provide you executive summary and final findings and the roadmap.

Post the rapid assessment, you can engage Kyndryl for:

  • Complete Environment Assessment with recommendations for remediation/improvement actions
  • Identified Recommendations Implementation
  • Continuous Operations
  • FinOps Adoption Program

Terms, conditions, duration, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Please contact us to discuss a solution to meet your business needs. Offer availability may be limited in some countries.

Kyndryl and Microsoft: Our Partnership