SAP on Azure: 3 weeks Assessment

Lemongrass Consulting

Lemongrass will assess your current SAP estate and provide a rapid business case calculation for Azure Infrastructure, Migration and Operate Costs

This engagement will be funded by Microsoft up to 15k USD. Lemongrass conducts up to 6 workshops over 3 weeks to assess a customers SAP estate: • WS1 – Joint team kick-off, introductions, alignment on expectations and plan, confirmation of workshop attendees, etc. • WS2 – Lemongrass will provide a data gathering template for customer to complete, following which there will be a workshop to review the details and confirm requirements that will impact the target architecture and operating mode • WS3 – Lemongrass will present back draft high-level design and take input for updating • WS4 – Lemongrass will present the proposed target operating model for support services and take input for updating • WS5 (placeholder) – if required and depending on the outcome of the WS3 workshop, Lemongrass will present back updated high-level design and target Azure BOM • WS6 – final presentation of the Assess Phase Deliverable – architecture, plans, operate services and costs.

Lemongrass utilizes these works as knowledge transfer / upskilling sessions covering SAP-on-Azure Well Architected concepts and SAP-on-Azure operations recommendations.