Azure Architecture Workshop: 3-days

Linktech Australia

Access detailed guidance on the most cost-effective and appropriate architecture strategy for your business

Linktech Australia’s Architecture Workshop is a flexible engagement, designed to clarify business goals and provide personalised, experience-based guidance to help businesses transform infrastructure in Azure. Throughout this process, business leaders can reduce the time needed to make strategic technology decisions, uncovering their true priorities and identifying the business benefits of future investments in technology. Risks of project failure is reduced, as technical teams are also provided with detailed design guidance.

Workshop Scope Our consulting team bring strategic planning and design skills to each engagement, complementing an organisation’s existing operational knowledge. The Architecture Workshop is flexible once business goals are defined.


Day One Introductions & problem-solving.

Understand the existing solution design • Motivations for modernisation • What business function does the solution support? • Where are the integration points? • Are there any upstream or downstream dependencies? • What technologies are being used? • How is the application used by its users? • When are the usage peaks and troughs?

Discuss the future solution requirements and constraints • Functional requirements • Non-functional requirements • Constraints • Assumptions

Day Two Outline a future solution design • Design decisions • Outline a candidate set of future solution designs • Outline a recommended future solution design that will be carried forward Outline a high-level migration plan • What migration method is most appropriate)? • How long is the outage window? • When can the migration take place (evenings, weekends)?

Day Three Close-out and replay • Requirements • Constraints • Assumptions • Design decisions Feedback

After this engagement, you'll receive a detailed report containing our strategic recommendations and guidance.