Azure Foundations: 10 Day Implementation

Long View Systems

Long View Azure Foundations provides architectural input & trusted advice on properly defining, adopting & further integrating Azure into their existing environment, processes, policies & procedures.

Phase 1: Azure Foundations Workshop

These workshops are designed to provide participants with knowledge of available technologies and tools. Concepts covered in this session will be important further down the road when designing and deploying Microsoft Azure resources. This offer has been designed to follow the recommendations of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) as it was being developed by Microsoft. The Azure Foundations Workshop is typically run over two days and covering topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Day 2 - Azure Hierarchy, Azure Resource Manager Policy, Naming Standards
  • Day 2 - Identity & Access Management, Security, Monitor & Alert, Cost Management

Phase 2: Azure Foundations Implementation

This phase will facilitate the design of a working Azure environment. The design will then be used to create a working Azure environment to support the migration of defined workloads.

  • Design : Facilitate Azure Architecture Foundational Design and Requirements workshop to gather information from assessing the current infrastructure to determine the optimal solution approach and identify target workload to test migrations to Azure.
  • Implementation : Build environment using output from design phase
  • Infrastructure Support Systems : Review core requirements for setting up Azure Site Recovery (ASR) Manager including deployment of ASR VM replication service.
  • Creation of the first Workload in Azure : Creation of a workload, for example, a domain controller and/or migration of test workload including migration of VM into Azure from CUSTOMER on-premises environment; and validate basic functionality of VM.


The following items are delivered to the customer upon completion of the project:

  1. Azure environment design
  2. Migration tool setup and process
  3. Migrate and Test workloads migrated to Azure