Azure Virtual Desktop: 4Wks Implementation

Long View Systems

"Azure Virtual Desktop” is Long View’s professional service that delivers and manages remote Windows desktops to enable secure work from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Daily: Review Azure Service Health for service issues and health advisories for AVD Troubleshoot and resolve AVD configuration, user access and performance issues and open Azure Support Requests if necessary Backup AVD user profiles using Azure Backup

Monthly: Create, update and maintain AVD “gold” Images for new personal and pooled machines. Deploy new image to session hosts for the latest Windows and applications updates. Image can be from Azure Marketplace or custom.

As Needed: Create, modify or delete AVD VMs and Host Pools and Workspaces (either personal or pooled collection of one or more identical virtual machines) Publish, modify or delete App Groups (either full desktop or individual Start menu apps). Performed in conjunction with client. Create and configure FSLogix profile containers to host user profiles Assign users to personal desktop host pools, and session hosts Configure Azure Service Health notifications, alerts and schedules Configure AVD role-based access, security (conditional access and MFA), and auditing Configure Automation Scripts for auto-scaling and VM shutdown & startup Restore AVD user profiles from backup as needed Create new Azure infrastructure to support AVD Host Pools (resource groups, disks and storage, networks, network security group). Performed in conjunction with client.