Migration to Azure Cloud: 6-Weeks Assessment

L&T Technology Services

Scan, Assess, Strategize, and Migrate Data & Applications to Azure

LTTS closely works with engineering customers to plan on how to migrate and transform their operations to take advantage of Microsoft Azure & Cloud technologies

• Assess Servers: Discover and Assess on-premises VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs and Physical Servers

• Assess on-premises databases for migration to Azure : Provides Pinpoint problems to blocking database migration, identifies unsupported features and the right path for database migration.

• Assess Application: Discover and Assess on-premises/cloud Applications.

• Migrate Servers: Migrate VMware VMs, physical servers, other virtualized machines, and public cloud VMs to Azure.

• Migrate on-premises databases to Azure: Migrate .NET and PHP web apps to Azure.

• Migrate offline data: Move large amounts of offline data to Azure.

• Migrate Application: Migrate applications to cloud.

• We leverage Azure integrated tool kits for assessment and migration.


• Azure Migrate Server Assessment

• Data Migration Assistant (DMA)

• SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA)


• Azure Migrate: Server Migration

• Azure Database Migration Service

• Azure Data Box

• LTTS provides application and data migration services for Healthcare, Automotive/Transport, Telecom, oil and Gas, Retail, Plant Engineering that helps in faster innovation, reduction in TCO, improved productivity, and advanced data security.

• Migration to Azure cloud results in high productivity, faster Deployment, enhanced scalability, increased availability, faster disaster recovery, effective backup storage, advanced data security, and reduced costs.