MHP "Integrate_it": Consulting for an E2E Use-Case Implementation in 3 weeks

MHP Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH

Integrate_it - Leverage the Potential of Your Machine Data

MHP as one of the leading IT and management consulting companies worldwide will support and enable the client team to apply a new way and technology for industrial machine connectivity.

All manufacturing companies are facing an ever-growing hybrid IT landscape. An important part of this is the IT and OT side edge services.

We empower and advise our customers on the complete edge architecture, information and data model for their data. From the implementation of machine-oriented use cases to the generation of aggregated KPIs, we deliver end-to-end consulting, implementation and support.

With integrate_it, you can digitalize your production process from start to finish. As middleware, the solution connects the machines and systems on the shop floor with each other and with the downstream systems. This will finally make it possible to freely exchange data. As another important step, we connect the complete hybrid scenario - from edge to cloud and back. Regardless of which cloud endpoint you want to address, we support the IoT Hub as well as the possibility to manage your landscape from the cloud via AKS Edge and Azure Arc.

*The hereby mentioned price reflects the costs of an average use case in industrial connectivity. Additional costs may arise depending on the scope of requested consulting activities.

Outcome objective: Customer-focused, end-to-end consulting services including setup and configuration for an end-to-end use case from the machine to the Azure Cloud. Creation of an information model and setup of a message broker for easy extension of further data points. Orchestration using AKS Edge and Azure Arc.

MHP follows a 3-step approach for its successful implementation:

Analyze: machine/asset type, information and data type, use case, IT Infrastructure

Specify: IT/OT protocols, datamodel, endpoints

Deploy: AKS Edge, integrate_it container, cloud connectivity, integrate_it configuration