File Services on Azure: 10-Day Implementation

Mismo Systems LLP

By working with customers of different sizes, we have got the experience of consolidating file servers in cloud

It is a very common requirement or is a business/IT problem to centralize and manage their file servers. For SMB, they want to have a proper replica of their one or two file servers in cloud. For enterprises, they struggle with maintenance and backup of file servers in branch offices. With Mismo Managed File Services, we help you centralize & consolidate your file servers using the power of Microsoft Azure

###Why Azure File share?

  • Centralize the file shares in cloud and do not worry about the branch file servers
  • Replace on-premises file share with Azure file share without any compatibility issues as Azure file share uses SMB & NFS protocols
  • Serverless file share which means no hidden IaaS VMs or NAS filers
  • Choose form different performance tiers according to requirement for optimized TCO
  • Azure files enables both Classic and Hybrid Lift and Shift scenarios
  • Azure file shares can be used as persistent volumes for stateful containers
  • Applications running in Azure can access data in the file share
  • Store hot data on-premises and rest on Azure file in a hybrid model
  • Can choose from different Redundancy options (LRS, ZRS, GRS, GZRS, and RA - GRS)

###Steps for implementation:

(Day1-2): Assessment/Discovery

  • Assessment of environment
  • Assessment of business requirement

(Day3-5): Planning/Design

  • Planning the cloud file server environment
  • Preparing the design
  • Identifying issues, risks, and dependencies
  • Test cases and rollback plan
  • Preparing runbook for execution

(Day 6-8): Deployment/Test & Pilot

  • Creating Azure file services on cloud
  • Configuring the services as per design
  • Testing and pilot
  • Organization wide deployment

(Day9-10): Transition/Support

  • Documentation
  • Support, Training and Handover


  • The cost is limited to 250 users and 3 file servers. We can discuss your scenario and work out accordingly
  • The Cost doesn’t include managed services, which can we discussed based on scope