Cloud Backup 5 Day PoC

Model Technology Solutions LLC

Model is prepared to deploy a functional Proof-of-Concept implementation of Azure Backup along with documentation capturing its architecture, functionality, and usage
WHAT THE MODEL ENGINEER WILL DO: * Configure Recovery Services Vault and Azure Backup protection policies * Deploy Azure Backup Server on-premises if needed * Deploy Azure Backup agents to virtual machines included in the Proof-of-Concept implementation * Enable protection for up to 10 virtual machines and supported workloads * Perform test restoration of backup data * Document Proof-of-Concept implementation architecture, functionality, and usage. DELIVERABLES: * Functional Proof-of-Concept implementation of Azure Backup protecting up to 10 virtual machines and workloads WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: * Identify virtual machines and workloads to be protected via the Proof-of-Concept implementation, each supported by Azure Backup and meeting technology prerequisites * Certain workloads may require an Azure Backup Server to be implemented on-premises * Workloads must have adequate network bandwidth to send backup data across the network and to Azure * Provide access to an Azure subscription to be used for the Proof-of-Concept implementation * Provide access to the environment, either through a designated staff member with the appropriate permissions or via creating credentials for the Model engineer, to deploy agents and server roles and to enable backup for identified virtual machines and workloads * Provide a server with appropriate storage resources necessary for the on-premises Azure Backup Server implementation, if needed