Mphasis EON Quantum Computing: 5 Day Assessment


Mphasis Quantum Computing assessment helps enterprises perform structured analysis to determine if Quantum can be the relevant technology to be leveraged for solving a specific business problem.

Mphasis Quantum Computing assessment leverages a qualitative and quantitative questionnaire-based approach to determine if the Quantum computing can bring about a significant acceleration to solving the business problems they have and if a high ROI business case exists with the high performance.

Our experience in Quantum Computing is spread across Quantum Annealing and Circuit based systems as well as simulators and emulators. We have expertise in a variety of Quantum based algorithms including Capacitated Vehicle Routing Optimization, Financial Services Portfolio selection, Financial Services Asset allocation, Supply Chain Demand Prediction, Large Scale image analytics etc.

Mphasis offers 5 day EON Quantum Computing Assessment led by its data scientists and Azure specialists. It is powered by our patent pending Quantum Computing framework, Energy Optimized Network (Mphasis EON). It overcomes the limitations of quantum systems not being able to work on varied input datasets. The framework consists of Quantum assisted Machine Learning, Q-Circuit and Deep neural network layers. Mphasis EON can best represent classical data on quantum systems for predictions, enabling it to handle big data effectively. EON has better training accuracy, optimal information representation for Quantum as well as optimal feature space preparation for predictive tasks, resulting in faster convergence with fewer qubit requirements on Azure cloud.


  • Assessment report indicating if Quantum is the relevant technology for solving a business problem.
  • Identification of use-cases in the process under scope
  • Evaluate the software and hardware requirements and set up the environment for development of the Quantum Algorithms across Quantum Computing platforms including Azure Quantum.

#The roadmap for the engagement (onsite assessment)

  • Stakeholder interviews – 1-2 day
  • Process and system walk, data walk – 2 day
  • Validation of use-cases, understanding and assumptions -1-2 day