Oracle to Azure TCO Assessment: 1 week engagement


End the age of vendor lock-in and easily migrate your Oracle databases and applications to Azure.

Whether you’re looking to move your Oracle databases and applications in the cloud to another system or migrate to Azure, Navisite’s refactoring services deliver a path away from Oracle while ensuring optimal performance. With the refactoring expertise of our team, you can move off Oracle, free yourself of Oracle licensing constraints and migrate your workloads to or Azure—which are flexible, fast and feature a pay-as-you-go structure. We combine automated tools with manual support and oversight from our experts to ensure that database schemas are an exact match and your applications are properly recoded.

Deliverables of the Oracle TCO include:

  • Licensing Impact: Since Oracle licensing is a key consideration when migrating your database. We will breakdown the license requirements for your database workload when operating in Azure.
  • Cloud Monthly Cost: We provide the estimated monthly cost of all Azure infrastructure components required running your workload in Azure.
  • Architecture Recommendation: We provide recommendations for the right architecture for your databases and how will high availability and disaster recover be handled.
  • Migration Estimate: We provide an estimated migration time scale for your workload based upon its profile and complexity.

Navisite is a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP and Oracle Gold Partner.