Securing Azure Collaboration: 3-Day Assessment

NCC Group plc

NCC Group is offering a cost-effective service to help you quickly and easily secure your Microsoft Cloud remote working environments, confronting the immediate challenge of enforced remote working.

Engagement Outline

We know many organisations are currently struggling with an additional cyber security burden as a result of the enforced isolation of their workforce. NCC Group is here to support you and secure your Azure and Microsoft Cloud Collaboration environments.

To support UK businesses to become secure in their remote working environment, we have purposefully made this Microsoft Cloud offering competitive and convenient to scope. The service is time bound, based on your remote workforce headcount and the number of Azure tenants,

Our service is scalable to suit any sized organisation. It will help you quickly understand what you need to do to maintain operational resilience while ensuring a cost-effective return on your investment in Microsoft Cloud Security capabilities. The modular format enables us to provide a rapid solution, so you’ll improve your security quickly.


We review your remote working Microsoft Azure and Office 365 cloud infrastructure configuration and applications for any technical security vulnerabilities.

Our Microsoft Security Certified consultants will assess the security governance controls of your remote working environments across the people, process and technology domains.

You will receive a report that provides you with actionable outcomes. The report will outline key security issues with your cloud remote working infrastructure, an assessment of the risks. It will include prioritised recommendations with guidance to remediate any weaknesses on a 30/60/90-day plan.

We can also support you in your remediation with our Microsoft Security Certified consultants’ knowledge, experience and global footprint. We are best placed to help you identify, assess, mitigate & respond to the risks they face.

We are passionate about making the Internet safer and revolutionising the way in which organisations think about cyber security.