Implementation: Data modernization in a month

Neal Analytics

Begin leveraging a fully functional data platform in just 30 days or less

Gone are the days of long, drawn-out database modernization projects. With Neal's data modernization in a month (DMIM) offer, organizations can now spin up and seize the benefits of a modern database on Microsoft Azure in 30 days or less.

Database experts at Neal Analytics can deliver a fully functional database leveraging Microsoft Azure within 30 days by leveraging a library of preconfigured templates, tools, and resources. Our DMIM offer's resources have been designed specifically for Microsoft Azure, and are easy to implement and scale, creating a streamlined process for database creation.

By taking part in this offer, your organization will gain access to a modern data platform built on Microsoft Azure featuring modern IT solutions, built-in geo-redundancy and high availability architectures, globally available data storage and analytics tools, auto-scaling to constantly right-size environment, and cost-effective, pay as you go resources.

Please note: Final cost varies based on project size & funding availability.

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