Accelerate Hadoop Migration to ADLS : 1-Wk POC


Neudesic and WANdisco will migrate up to 5TB of data from your On-Prem Hadoop environment to Azure ADLS or Delta Lake with no risk of disruption to the business.

Free architectural design session and pilot migration of up to 5TB of data from an on-prem Hadoop environment to Azure ADLS/Delta Lake without imposing downtime or disruption to on premise services which will remain fully operational during migration. This approach offers a non-disruptive, automatic transition from Hadoop Distributed File System to Databricks Delta Lake on Azure Data Lake Storage without needing to disrupt existing operations in Hadoop or Hive.

Following this process:

  • Architectural Design Session (Up to 3 Days Free for qualified customers) --- validate a use case, design future state and select pilot scope

  • Pilot Migration (1 Week Free) --- Neudesic will leverage WANdisco to migrate up to 5TB of data