Knowledge Mining & Document Intelligence 4Week POC

Neudesic Technologies

Jumpstart your customers’ AI Adoption by leveraging our Knowledge Mining and Document Intelligence frameworks and pre-configured architectures to quickly deploy AI and Cognitive Services use-case

The Neudesic Knowledge Mining and Document Intelligence Platform Accelerator takes customers through an initial ideation and discovery session of Azure Cognitive Services use-cases to the implementation of a MVP for use-case validation and business impact analysis. This approach and the solution frameworks and pre-configured architectures that support them allow a customer to identify and implement 1-2 business use-cases for cognitive AI in as little as 4 weeks. By leveraging our Accelerator, businesses can decrease their time to market by up to 60%. The Accelerator takes unstructured data through ingestion, pre-processing, enrichment (classification & entities and table extraction), post processing/validation and analysis to provide valuable insights that may be automated and orchestrated into applications such as workflows, business rules, automation, bulk processing and approvals.