KINISI-Data Migration Accelerator for Cloud 4W-POC

Neudesic Technologies

Jump start your Data Migration from on-premise DBs (dbms,nosql,datawarehouse) to cloud based data platforms like Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapse DW, Azure cloud SQL leveraging KINISI

Neudesic’s KINISI Data Migration Accelerator-POC service offers accelerated feasibility and impact analysis for clients by performing existing data or workload migration from on-premise source database to target Azure cloud databases. Utilizing our pre-built, preconfigured framework, our team will help clients identify critical databases and perform data and workload migrations. Leveraging this production ready, zero coding, minimum viable product(MVP) framework reduces overall effort and time required for migrating on premise databases to Azure Cloud. Activities and deliverables for the 4 week POC include 1) Environment setup 2) Source databases analysis 3) Create migration workflows 4) Sample migrations 5) Basic validation of migrated data 5) Forecast timeline for actual migration 5) Create blueprint for completing migration in production. KINISI is Neudesic’s Data Migration Framework for Azure Cloud. It is a UI based data migration tool works atop various Azure services and python modules, KINISI accelerates the migration of multiple on-premise relational and non-relational databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Flat files, Teradata into Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapse DW or/and Azure cloud SQL. KINISI has scalable architecture to extract, aggregate, convert and load source databases to one or more destination databases on Azure platform. This fast-tracks conversion of database objects to any destination format without manual effort and errors. KINISI has self-healing schema management capabilities and can provide recommendations for a migration strategy.