Identity & Access Mgmt for F: Free 1/2 Day Assmnt

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Identity & Access Management for Financial Services: Free 1/2 Day Assessment

Identity and Access Management for the Financial Industry

Identity is critical to your security

In today's world, the threat landscape is evolving quickly for all businesses, large or small. Attacks are becoming more frequent and the stakes have never been higher. To counter this threat, organizations need to reduce the number of usernames and passwords that end users are required to remember. Too many passwords tends to lead to insecure passwords and poor password management practices.

Axis Business Solutions (New Era Technology) is a recognized Microsoft Gold partner, and we are recognized experts in Azure Active Directory and identity security. We are skilled in the practice of identity experience, and we can help YOUR organization with your identity needs.

Our Half Day Assessment starts with up to 2 hours of learning about your current environment, 1 hour to write up a findings documents, and then a final hour to present the document and answer any questions that you may have. The document includes an overview of your current environment and suggested next steps.